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  • Client:

    SIA Abora
  • Period:

    2011.-2013 year
  • Place:

    Rīga, Latvija
  • Task:

    Riga food producers’ secondary school learning corpus, dormitories and training workshop low-voltage system, electrical and building management system construction
  • The implemented solutions:

    data network, electro-networks, security systems, building management system


Within the Climate Change Financial Instrument (CCFI) project, Riga’s food producers’ secondary school infrastructure renovation and energy efficiency improvement measure, in 2011 we designed a technical project to begin in January 2012 going until April 2013. We designed and constructed all the low-voltage systems as well as building management systems and electrical installations in the learning corpus, dormitories and training workshop. Similarly, we constructed energy-efficient lighting systems, especially suited to the environment of the Riga food preparation process. The lighting had to meet all the performance requirements, while providing the desired brightness of the working surface of the table. All facilities were fitted with a data network and fire detection and alarm notification system, as well as a public broadcast system. In the training workshop, we constructed a security system, as well as a video surveillance system. In all three corpuses we installed a building management system with an energy efficient monitoring system, so that the client could control all the readings and see the benefits provided by this system – such as cost savings, compared to last year. Informative signals are also sent to the building management system from other systems. All corpuses were fitted with electro-networks – as well as household sockets and data sockets, both lighting and lightning protection networks. As this was mainly an energy efficiency project, the building facades were also insulated and fitted with thermometers, so one could effectively manage and regulate building heating with the building management system. The main task of this project – to ensure that all the school corpuses worked as one vessel, working in a balanced and smart way, which we realised with the successful installation of the building management system.


Juris Kravalis

Valdes loceklis
‘’Darbu izpildes laikā SIA Citrus Solutions pierādījusi augstas profesionālās iemaņas, atsaucību Pasūtītāja prasību izpildē un atbildības sajūtu pret veicamo darbu. Visi darbi tika veikti kvalitatīvi, atbilstoši spēkā esošiem Būvnormatīviem.’’