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  • Client:

    SIA Knauf
  • Period:

    2007. year
  • Task:

    video surveillance system modernisation
  • The implemented solutions:

    video surveillance


SIA Knauf is internationally recognised, a manufacturer of building materials and construction systems, endowed with initiative. Having grown from a traditional plaster manufacturing company, currently SIA Knauf is one of the market leaders in the field of dry construction material manufacturing. We were responsible for the modernisation of the video surveillance system. In widening the manufacturing territory, design and construction works took place for the introduction of a new video surveillance system, as well as the reconstruction of existing video surveillance. This was the first video surveillance project in the history of our company; moreover, the video camera installation had to be carried out at a considerable height, for example, 22 m. The operation of the system is organised with remote access, with the help of mobile communications. Our cooperation with SIA Knauf currently continues, as we conduct the maintenance work on the system, as well as the modernisation of the existing system and equipment replacement when transitioning to newer technologies.