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  • Client:

    Latvijas universitātes Matemātikas un informātikas institūts
  • Period:

    2015. year
  • Place:

    Rīga, Latvija
  • Task:

    design and construction of a data centre


In cooperation with the Mathematics and Computer Science Institute of the University of Latvia, we developed and built a data centre with a cooling capacity of 30+30 kW within the space of four months. We were entrusted with the construction of an elevated floor, power supply network, server rack installation, construction and testing of a high-precision air conditioning system.

Currently, the cooling capacity of the data centre is 30 kW in the N+1 configuration, which can further be enhanced in terms of both the cooling capacity and the number of racks. We are proud to have adhered to the minimum budget within this project while maintaining a low power usage effectiveness coefficient and the quality level of the equipment and systems installed at the object. Devices and systems of the data centre are in no way complicated, but still ensure the functionality required for a small data centre, thus allowing the customer to develop its data centre in a gradual manner, adhering to the pay as you grow principle.