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  • Client:

    SIA Fraternitas

  • Period:

    2014 - 2019

  • Place:

    Rīga, Latvija

  • The implemented solutions:

    Designing of ventilation, cooling and heating systems and construction of ventilation and cooling system


One of our first jobs in the domain of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems was the design of ventilation, cooling and heating systems and construction of ventilation and cooling systems in the office building operated by our customer, Fraternitas LLC. C.T.Co is an IT solution and service provider with over 13 years of international experience.

The company’s Class A office premises located at 33 Meistaru Street, Valdlauči, required refurbishment. Due to that, we had to deal with a considerable number of architectural and design aspects while implementing the project, which had a considerable effect on the course of design and construction of HVAC systems. Apart from Class A microclimate parameters, our project also provides for high energy efficiency and ensures future savings thanks to lower maintenance and operation costs. All ventilation equipment is fitted with highly efficient recuperative heat exchangers. Apart from that, ventilation systems are going to be fitted with variable air velocity valves, allowing users to deliver and control optimum air exchange in the premises depending on the load of specific rooms, the usage thereof and the existing circumstances. The cooling system is going to be built around highly energy-efficient chillers with a freecooling option, which is going to yield considerable savings on power consumption during periods when the external air temperature drops below +10 ⁰C.

Our company is also in charge of the development and implementation of the ventilation and air conditioning solutions for the data centre situated in the building. We intend to install equipment manufactured by Emerson, one of the current leaders in the data centre cooling system solutions market.

Microclimate, equipment settings, system status and power consumption audit in all premises are going to be controllable through a BMS system we have developed and constructed.