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  • Client:

    SIA Lattelecom
  • Period:

    2012.-2013 year
  • Place:

    Rīga, Latvija
  • Task:

    Design and construction of a data centre with the Uptime Institute issued TIER III security level certificate
  • The implemented solutions:

    architecture and civil works, server room construction and cabinets, introduction of optics, fire extinguishing, video surveillance system, public broadcasting, security alarms, building management system, data network, air conditioning and cooling, access control system, average voltage electricity, fire protection


Dattum data centre’s primary target audience is the business sector of Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other CIS countries, where there is a huge amount of data and data security is vitally important, as is fast data exchange, for example, for insurers, retail, logistics and other service providers. This is why it was known from the beginning – a Tier III certified data centre must be designed and built. TIER III certification determines very high security standards for data centre design, construction and maintenance. For data centre certification, according to one of the TIER levels, we work with Uptime Institute, which is currently the most widely recognised and most reputable organisation providing data centre certification.
TIER III certification consists of three stages. The first is data centre project certification, checking if the project has included all the critical elements – power redundancy, room climate control, fire-fighting equipment, infrastructure, safeguarding against natural disasters and similar. The second stage is to construct the centre in conformity with the project. The next stage – TIER III operational certification – the data centre can receive this after around 6 months of being in operation, serving clients daily and showing that the constructed infrastructure is operating in accordance with the expectations of the appropriate TIER level. The business continuity of the data centre is achieved with the full back up power supply system and cooling system, which is constructed using the N+1 principle.

About 100 people from 28 companies and nine countries worked on the design and construction of the Dattum data centre. To ensure that the project is carried out in the best manner, within the allowed time, in accordance with budget and client needs, the project was conducted in accordance with the project management standards developed by the Project Management Institute. A Citrus Solutions Uptime Institute certified engineer also took part in the design of the data centre project.