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  • Client:

    SIA Latvijas Mobilais telefons
  • Period:

    2007.-2018 year
  • Place:

  • Task:

    base station reconstruction works
  • The implemented solutions:

    technical project design and construction


Since 2007, LMT has been an important SIA Citrus Solutions client in the external communications network segment. We were entrusted with the technical project reconstruction line design and construction. LMT base stations are placed on water towers, as well as on metal poles, and on the roofs of buildings throughout the territory of Latvia. Currently, there have been more than 20 base station modernisation and reconstruction works conducted, to ensure faster and more effective receipt of information for LMT clients, showing the business as competitive in the telecommunication operator environment. Within the project, changes were made to the receiving antenna and optical, as well as electrical cables, were installed, in total, constructing XX km of optical cable. The new LMT bases ensure faster and more quality data receipt from the base stations to the main from the base stations to the main branch exchange, where information is collected and sent to each LMT individual service user.