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  • Client:

    VAS Latvijas Valsts radio un televīzijas centrs
  • Period:

    2012.-2013 year
  • Place:

    Latvija (Vidzeme, Kurzeme)
  • Task:

    optical network construction in Vidzeme and Kurzeme
  • The implemented solutions:

    optical network


VAS Latvian State Radio and Television Centre is one of the largest fixed data networks for users in Latvia, providing high-quality and reliable telecommunications solutions for major mobile, internet and telecom operators in Latvia, as well as state institutions. The Ministry of Transport (SM) has signed an agreement with VAS Latvian State Radio and Television Centre (LVRTC) for broadband network infrastructure in the rural areas of Latvia throughout the country to ensure the availability of high-quality internet and so that Latvia may head towards the implementation of the Europe 2020 initiative. Our Responsibility is to construct an optical network in Vidzeme and Kurzeme.

The initiative Europe 2020 foresees that by 2020 all European Union (EU) residents should have access to broadband internet of at least 30 Mbit/s, and 50% or more households must be provided with an internet connection with a speed of more than 100 Mbit/s. The first round of design and construction works of the broadband project is planned until 2015; 26.32 million euros will be invested into the first round of the project, of which 87.18% is co-financed by the ERDF; the rest is financed from LVRTC funds. A broadband optical network infrastructure in the Baltic territories is being constructed within the framework of the Next generation of electronic communications networks in rural areas project, which provides the region’s residents with improved data transmission parameters. The project aims to provide equal access to high-speed internet throughout the territory of the Republic of Latvia, in order to reduce the so-called digital divide. LVRTC Chairman Jānis Bokta noted that it is particularly important that the broadband network infrastructure built for all electronic communications companies is available on equal, non-discriminatory terms, taking into account the open optical network and the principle of technological neutrality principle access points and providing the opportunity to build their own optical drive to any network access point.

External network design and installation for the Latvian State Radio and Television Centre is a project with especially high customer requirements. The technical design for very large volumes must be ensured at the highest levels in a short time — the total foreseen network length for the project is about 600 km. High-speed broadband optical network infrastructure design and construction works began in 2013 and we plan to complete them this year.