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  • Client:

    SIA SRV Terbalat
  • Period:

    2010. year
  • Place:

    Piņķi, Babītes novads
  • Task:

    exterior and interior electrical and low-voltage networks, security alarms, access control and notification system, TV and smoke exhaust systems, building management system
  • The implemented solutions:

    data network, TV network, electricity networks, security systems, BMS


Latvian International School in Piņķi is a modern and functional learning environment for children of all ages – from pre-school up to the last grade of secondary school. The building is made up of three parts, and within those are 26 classrooms, an extensive library with a reading room, assembly hall and multifunctional sports hall. The total area of the school is 4900 m2. The cost of the new building was 4.5 million euros. We constructed all the low-voltage systems, as well as the interior and exterior electrical networks. In this project, we provide a full range of services – we designed, carried out construction works and continue cooperation with maintenance works. For electrical external networks we constructed to the new transformer, installed external distribution, as well as external lighting in the territory. In turn, we installed all the internal lighting in the building with energy-efficient light bulbs, in accordance with all the necessary requirements of educational institutions, for example, calculating the required work surface brightness of the light. Inviting specialists and consulting with experts, we also constructed passive lightening protection. Similarly, we constructed the data and telephone network, TV network, fire safety system and warning alert, as well as access and security systems. In turn, for video monitoring, we constructed cable lines. We also installed the building management system, ensuring that every classroom has an air temperature and humidity gauge, as well as a climate control panel, so that each class can be adjusted to the desired climate.

As this is an international school, where children from various countries study, it is very important that they are provided with an adequate climate, hence the climate control installed in each class is an invaluable asset.
The security system was linked to the security company G4S system, providing maximum efficiency and operational safety. An access system was installed in all of the necessary offices, while the fire system was integrated with other systems which have been constructed. During the working period, we also had to deal with the specific requirements from the design aspect – each class required improved soundproofing, and all the installations needed to carry out surface-performance, whereby there was a need to order aluminium-coloured cable channels from Germany especially for this project in order to align them with the baseboards and so on.


Valdis Brūzītis

Tehniskais direktors
‘’The works have been completed within the agreed schedule and in compliance with the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia and the contractual terms. We can therefore recommend SIA Citrus Solutions as a trustworthy business partner.’’