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We solve to change the world!

All construction companies want to look responsible and innovative. That’s good and right. However, we know that behind the scenes there are many problems, such as deadlines, quality, employee engagement and the welfare at work. Citrus Solutions does not simply address these issues but solves them. And we know that whatever challenges we face in the work process – we will solve them. This approach is expressed every day by every one of our employees, because solving is what we do. 

Do you feel this appeals to you and is in line with your values? Take a look at our vacancies and send your application to become part of the Citrus Solutions team! 

Do you want your workplace to have:

Practical benefits

Good salary; attractive bonuses; personalised basket of employee benefits.

Welfare at work

Pleasant working environment; modern equipment; professional and supportive team.

Professional advancement

Learning new skills; the latest technological solutions; an opportunity to realise talents and build a career.

Feeling of safety

Paid social security and taxes; occupational safety.

A chance to be proud

Participation in large-scale, national and critical infrastructure projects.

Events and activities

Events that build team spirit and creativity, inspire and delight.


Citrus Solutions