External engineering networks are a very specific field where the largest clients are communications holders. We have specialised in the construction of all types and complexity levels of telecommunications networks and up to 20 kilovolt electrical networks for individual clients, organisations, and telecommunications operators.

Road and street communications
Construction of road and street communications is primarily done in cases when state and municipally maintained portions of road are being reconstructed. We perform protection work of communications in portions of roads and streets to be reconstructed. In turn, we reconstruct existing communications without increasing their capacity in cases when the road or street profile is changing, it is being expanded, or a large depth of surface is being replaced. Likewise, in accordance with a technical project, we perform construction of electrical lighting or reconstruction of an existing lighting system in important sections of roads and streets.

SIA Citrus Solutions performs all types of construction for electrical and optical communications, including constructing sewerage for communications, laying optical and copper cable, commutation and measurement for all communications operators in Latvia (SIA Tet, LMT, LVRTC, Tele2, Bite, LDz, LGS, LatRosTrans, Optron), traffic light systems, design and construction of square and street video surveillance systems, Sadales Tikls reconstruction for the AS Latvenergo company, electrical network construction for users, electrical lighting network, and lighting management system construction.

We are a subsidiary of SIA Tet, and so, we have the largest experience in Latvia regarding the relocation and reconnection of telecommunications networks. This is a very complicated and responsible job, because in the case of error, important communications may be disrupted for banks, hospitals, or the police. SIA Citrus Solutions has specialised in electrical network and low-voltage network design and construction for development and implementation of specifically these types of integrated solutions.

Our largest jobs in road and street communication projects have been the Riga airport infrastructure with work on low-voltage external networks, low-voltage networks, and video surveillance networks; the Daugavpils Fortress and Daugavas street low-voltage exterior networks; and the reconstruction of Liberation Alley in Rezekne with sewerage for low-voltage external networks, traffic lighting system, video surveillance of city intersections, LED electrical lighting with an energy efficient lighting management system which allows to save up to 40% of electricity costs, as well as KPFI projects for changing old mercury and sodium lamps to LED lamps, including its energy efficient management.