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In order to provide customers with the necessary microclimate indoors, we also conduct air-cooling system design and construction, taking into account both outdoor and building temperature and thus ensuring the optimal indoor climate. Our specialists are able to provide customers with the parameters required for each particular situation, with the ability to regulate both the temperature and humidity, as well as the speed of air flow. The installation of a cooling system in the premises creates a comfortable microclimate, providing residents with a feeling of well-being.

When installing ventilation and cooling systems, we also take the energy performance of buildings into account, choosing the appropriate highly efficient equipment for each building according to the situation in order to provide not only a pleasant atmosphere for customers, but also to reduce the cost of operations. Ventilation and air-cooling systems are most effective when integrated with a building management system to ensure maximally efficient building operation and energy savings.

We have significant experience in data centre design and construction, where the ventilation and air cooling system is fundamentally different from the normal operation of buildings to do its function. In simple terms, data centres produce a lot of heat, which must be cooled. For technological equipment, primarily the servers and especially significant loads, it is critical to determine the optimal operating temperature. In addition, it is important to ensure the cooling capacity and optimal use of the desired microclimate. We have special technology, the latest generation of equipment, highly –qualified specialists with experience in the system design and installation at our disposal, which proves useful in equipping public and industrial buildings with ventilation and cooling systems.