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We are equally well versed in the construction of various technologies for telecommunications networks and electrical networks, laying exterior communication networks in the ground, or constructing suspended cable lines. Our working team employs professionals who are knowledgeable in the traditional as well as the latest methods and technologies. We offer a full service cycle, beginning with consultations on the potential project, design, realisation, and ending with maintenance of the built network.

Telecommunications (low-voltage networks) and electrical networks are looked at as complex assemblies in order to most effectively make use of the possibilities provided by the mentioned technologies and to use to the shared infrastructure for network placement as efficiently as possible. And so, communications renovation and construction projects consider all communications as a single communications whole that must be built or renovated in a specific period. The company’s technical personnel must have the highest qualification and experience in construction and maintenance of all levels of complexity of low-voltage and electrical supply networks (up to 20 kV design).

In the field of telecommunications construction and assembly, we excel at the professional realisation of both copper and optical cable network projects. Our largest clients for optical networks are Tet, LVRTC, AS Latvenergo, SIA Latvijas Mobilais Telefons, and other Latvian companies. For already many years, Tet is one of Citrus Solutions most important clients in the field of services for exterior communications networks. With the development of new technologies for transmission, telecommunications operators try to implement high speed data transmission services. Currently, broadband services are provided with DSL technology, coaxial and hybrid cables, and radio technologies, however none of these technologies can compete with the optical fibre technology. For this reason, Tet has chosen the GPON technology, because it is the most technologically and financially effective access technology for optical networks. Since 2009, we have built more that 2,500 km of optics that provide an accessible internet speed of up to 1 Gbits/s to 478,497 Latvian households.

According to tendencies in the development of communications technologies, optical networks are being built more and more, and the construction of copper cable networks is proportionally decreasing. Construction of copper networks mainly happens in cases when new clients are connected to existing networks or in cases of necessity when relocating certain sections. As replacement of technologies happens gradually, significant volumes of copper networks are still being built and serviced. Citrus Solutions is ready to provide the technologies necessary for each specific situation of network construction.

Network construction and maintenance work is our company’s everyday. To achieve this, we have a notable technical base and material inventory, which allows us to realise projects of large volume and complexity within a relatively short period of time and to provide immediate maintenance work according to client SLA requirements. Our employees are located in all regions of Latvia, and thus, we are able to complete necessary work quickly and operatively. When choosing manufacturers and suppliers of cable and other network construction materials, our main condition is to provide the appropriate quality for the client’s requirements. Therefore, our partners are only suppliers of high quality materials.

In all situations, the most appropriate and effective technology is used to construct a network. Where necessary, we dig by hand or with an excavator. Long cable tracks are laid in the ground with the help of a powerful cable plough which allows cable to be laid quickly and without unnecessary volumes of digging and renewal work. To overcome obstacles where it is not possible to use the plough or excavator, for example, when crossing a road or small water body, we use the horizontal drilling method with the appropriate equipment that allows to provide the laying of cables or cable conduits with controlled manipulation of depth and direction. If a cable is protected by conduit, then we offer to install the cable in it by using the blow-in method with air pressure that blows the cable into the conduit. This significantly increases the speed of the execution of work.