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The second most frequent reason for the construction of road and street communications is street lighting reconstruction projects. In these projects, municipalities qualify for receiving ERDF fund resources, which financially facilitates the doing of actual work in this field. Street lighting reconstruction projects often focus on not only the renewal of old infrastructure that would improve aesthetics and extend service life, but also on development issues that are primarily related to aspects of energy efficiency and improving functionality of lighting and other solutions, including, management and security.

Our specialists in road and street communications projects construct not only all types and complexities of telecommunications lines and move electrical cables, but also ensure the set up of road lighting networks and traffic lighting systems that saves the client from needing to find various partners to perform this work and facilitates work coordination, saving money in the end. Construction of security systems, data networks, lighting networks, traffic lighting networks, as well as innovative solutions – LED street lighting construction, setup, and integration – have already been part of our everyday for many years, confirming our valuable experience in road communication projects that is valued by even the most demanding of clients. And so, for example, when reconstructing the Liberation Alley in Rezekne, existing communications were protected, and new electrical lighting with LED light fixtures was constructed. This ensured not only the base function – lighting in this portion of the street, but also provided essential technological improvements that create savings in energy costs for maintenance and new possibilities for users – city residents, guests, and maintainers. This project realises a first in the Baltic countries – street LED lighting construction, setup, and integration into the overall street infrastructure, and also implemented a city video surveillance system and renewed the traffic lighting solution. Specifically, these types of projects provide the largest added value for municipalities, who with ERDF financing renew not only existing communications, but also implement progressive technological solutions such as video surveillance, intelligent video surveillance, energy efficient lighting, etc. to facilitate their work, lower costs, and improve the quality of life for residents.

Nowadays, environmental thinking is becoming evermore popular, and therefore, issues of energy efficiency are becoming especially important in street reconstruction projects. In collaboration with the Rezekne City Council, street lighting has been reconstructed, including, a light management system for the city’s main street and energy efficient (LED) light fixtures for seven other Rezekne streets – Bralu Skrindu, Raina, Stacijas, Ludzas, K.Barona, Varslavana, and Latgales streets and for pedestrian paths. The Jaunpils City Council has also entrusted us to perform construction of lighting for pedestrian paths and streets in Jaunpils.

One of the most essential technological solutions that significantly increases road safety and provides support for maintaining order and for security issues is city video surveillance. Such a video surveillance camera solution with a unified management system helps to perform base functions of surveillance as well as complex automated solutions that provide specific actions in case of predefined situations – traffic jams, traffic violations (speed, certain driver manoeuvres, etc.). Road traffic radars can also be integrated into these solutions. We are the first in Latvia to have implemented intelligent video surveillance that allows to detect cars that are driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street. And so, our experience is unique and with a competitive advantage for installing city video surveillance.