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Telecommunications infrastructure is an integral component for each city and neighbourhood, as well as for each public and private building. It provides for the operation of various telecommunication systems. We build all types and levels of complexity of cable sewerage, provide design, construction, and maintenance of towers, masts, and communications containers. Our company employs experienced project leaders, certified designers, and project managers who work throughout development, construction, outfitting, and maintenance of technical projects for towers and mast installation.

Infrastructure of electronic communications networks consists of cable networks, transmission equipment, and engineered constructions. We have many years experience working with copper and optical cables in the field of telecommunications construction and assembly. We also use the cable blow-in technology and perform optical cable measurements according to technical and client requirements. The latest technical solutions allow us to currently perform data transmission for several systems using one and the same transmission networks, that is, cables. This solution allows to decrease the necessary expenses for creating several networks, combining these into a single structured data transmission network. We use copper or optical fibre cables for cable network