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To ensure that a design is developed according to best industry practices and professional project management rules in regards to deadlines, budget, and client requirements, we manage projects according to the project management standards of the Project Management Institute.

During design development, our project group collaborates with a client, preparing a project schedule and following it, assessing risks and developing a risk management plan, continuously monitoring the project budget, as well as the work of all subcontractors involved in the project.

The project manager has an important role in the project management group, as he follows the project process and provides supervision, so that work happens on time and effectively and is properly documented. Therefore, only project managers with notable qualifications and experience are involved in data center projects. The project manager also follows the execution of the contract and is the person who provides professional communication with the client, so that the client is operatively informed about the process of the project. Therefore, choosing a high level professional for this job is critically important. In turn, the project brains are engineers with the appropriate competencies regarding electrical supply, cooling, low-voltage networks, and other systems. Since the design of engineering systems for buildings is the daily work of SIA Citrus Solutions, it is possible to involve highly qualified specialists in the realisation of the project. Project management for the construction of data centers is also supervised at the management level of the company, in order to ensure a high professional level for the realisation of the project.

If the client wants to build a data center outside of Latvia, we initially define a project management group, dividing responsibilities and determining which processes happen abroad and which can be done locally. The research phase and requirement analysis happens in the place where it is intended to build the data center. During the proceeding project, we assess the situation and, as necessary, work abroad or remotely from Latvia.

We perform strict management of data center construction according to the developed and approved design and technical requirements, regardless it is projected Tier 3 / other certification or not. During this project phase, our specialists consult the client on which technical equipment will best suit client needs, provide suggestions for various technical solutions, and also consult on all construction related issues. When working on facilities whose construction is to happen outside of Latvia, we involve foreign builders, but keep work organisation and management within our hands. This allows to more tightly monitor work progress and to operatively make the necessary decisions, so that work happens according to plan. The SIA Citrus Solutions manager provides management of installer work in the facilities and collaborates with subcontractors during the operative project according to the developed plan.

We also supply the technologies integrated into the technical projects of the data centers. We collaborate with leading world class manufacturers and ensure that technologies are delivered, installed, and programmed.