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Every facility (residential buildings, offices, client service centres, and other public and industrial buildings) requires electrical supply and electrical installations. We design, construct, reconstruct, maintain, and provide various integrated solutions for electrical supply networks (with voltage up to 1000 V).

Internal and external electrical supply includes various types of electrical supply solutions that provide functional and effective operation of a facility – lighting network, interior and building lighting, power networks, electrical distribution, low-voltage and high-voltage cable networks, transformer points, distribution, and record-keeping nodes.

Interior and exterior electrical supply and lighting categories:

  • electrical networks and equipment (cable and overhead lines, switchgears, distribution equipment, transformers);
  • lighting network and equipment (cable and overhead lines, light fixtures, commutation equipment, switchgears);
  • reserve and emergency electrical supply (UPS or uninterrupted power supply equipment, generators as reserve or base feed source, from 1.7 kW to 400 kW generator rental);
  • lightning protection, power surge protection, and electrical grounding installations.

We provide a full service cycle for a solution from design to construction, including going into operation and servicing, thus saving client time and resources. We begin work with consultation and development of a solution and also prepare executive documentation. We also ensure electrical measurements, design, construction, electrical installation, equipment regulation, adjustment of settings, hand off for operation, reconstruction, and maintenance. We work in all regions of Latvia, and thus can ensure quick and operative execution of work. We can offer clients the most optimal solutions for equipment in regards to price, function, and quality.