A long-term plan is being implemented in Latvia for the modenisation of Latvia’s roads and elimination of traffic black points, servicing these with the necessary systems – electrical lighting, lit pedestrian crossings, traffic regulation with traffic light systems, etc. Protection and construction of communications are very important in these projects. If this is not possible according to the technical project for roads and streets, existing communications are moved without increasing their capacity, so that the infrastructure of operators would not be improved at the cost of state and EU financial resources.

Over the years, we have successfully collaborated with Latvia’s largest city councils and regional municipalities, participating in projects as subcontractors for reconstruction and construction work of electrical and low-voltage communication networks. For example, projects have been realized in Aluksne, Jaunmarupe, Kraslava, Jekabpils, Liepaja, Ludza, Priekule, Rezekne, Daugavpils, Madona, Valmiera, Riga, Ventspils, and other regions and cities. In turn, in collaboration with the Liepaja City Council, a new tram line has been constructed. In 2012 and 2013, we have realised a total of 51 road and street communication projects in the amount of more than 2 million euro.