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  • Client:

    SIA "UPB Nams"
  • Period:

    03.2022.-12.2023 year
  • Place:

    Preses nams kvartāls, Balsta dambis 2, Riga, Latvia
  • Task:

    Construction of weak-current systems of the buildings


Construction of all weak-current systems at the object – ““Reconstruction of “Preses Nams” into an office building and multi-functional centre.”

Construction of weak-current systems and systems’ interconnection works:

  • control and automation system,
  • solar shading system,
  • electronic communications networks,
  • access control and security alarms,
  • video surveillance system,
  • fire detection and alarm,
  • central notification system and smoke protection system.

After the delivery of the building, the programming and testing of the Control and Automation System will be performed.

It should be noted that in 2018-2020, Citrus Solutions carried out design works for the reconstruction project of “Preses nams” – design of building structures and all engineering and communication systems for all three buildings of the complex (total area exceeding 85 000 m2). Now we will build weak-current systems we have designed.

End-client: SIA “PN Management”