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  • Client:

    The Republic of Latvia Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Period:

    2006.-2007 year
  • Place:

    Rīga, Latvija
  • Task:

    construction of computer, telephone, television networks, control devices, VITA LAN infrastructure, telephone exchange and synchronous translation systems, as well as object reconstruction and restoration works.
  • The implemented solutions:

    data and optical network, TV network, synchronous translation and audio system, monitoring system.


At the building of the Republic of Latvia Ministry of Foreign Affairs at 3 K. Valdemāra Street, in Riga, we constructed a computer, telephone network, control devices, SMATV network for television needs, as well as VITA LAN infrastructure, telephone exchange (PBX) and synchronous translation systems. Object reconstruction and restoration works were also executed. This was the first object in which we used the most modern technologies for the construction of data networks, hence, the air-blown optical fibre technology.

The task list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also included the development of a satellite television network, as well as a fifth and sixth category data network, developed on the basis of Nexan production. In cooperation with the partnering companies we installed an office telephone exchange and synchronous translation system. For the installation of the synchronous translation system the necessary devices were delivered, which we installed. We also installed the monitoring system of data cabinets in the server and computation cabinets, which were installed all over the building. With the help of this system it is possible to control and to check the possibility of smoke in them, as well as the moisture coefficient, temperature, voltage, access of unauthorised persons and other threats, sending this information to the main cabinet – the dispatcher. The construction of such a system was something new and now it serves as an example for future works in data centres, for example, in the data centre Dattum and in the data centre of the newly constructed administrative office building of the State Revenue Service. This was a very voluminous project, which is approved by the total mileage of the contributed cables – about 150 km of cables were used.