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  • Client:

    Latvijas Dabas muzejs
  • Period:

    2009. year
  • Place:

    Rīga, Latvija
  • Task:

    video surveillance system design and installation
  • The implemented solutions:

    Video surveillance


The Latvian Museum of Natural History’s specific field of activity requires specific exposition monitoring, which has so far been conducted in the museum by a very large security team. In order to reduce personnel costs, a new and modern IP-based video surveillance system was built in the museum, a theoretically problem-free way to remotely monitor and control what is happening at the museum in the newly created video surveillance centre, as well as using the warning system as required to inform museum visitors and employees of important information. This was one of the first technology projects of this size in Latvia. In IP, or Internet Protocol systems, all elements are processed-digital information, while the previous generation of video surveillance system processes were analogue. According to our data, at the time it was the fourth technological project of this size in Latvia. We also developed a technical solution, working with partners at SLO Latvia. In total, 43 video surveillance cameras and five high-powered servers were installed in the museum’s exhibition spaces. When installing the cameras, it was necessary to take into account the museum’s features, namely, dimly lit places and so on. We conducted the works with the latest generation of megapixel cameras and IP video server ourselves, with only minimal support on the part of the equipment manufacturer.