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  • Client:

    SIA Skonto būve
  • Period:

    2011.-2012 year
  • Place:

    Rīga, Latvija
  • Task:

    access control and video surveillance installation at the Riga International Airport operational control centre (OCC)
  • The implemented solutions:

    access control system, video surveillance


In 2012, the most modern management control centre in all of Eastern and Northern Europe was built. It was used in the creation of cutting-edge technology that notices every unusual movement or suspicious items. In this operational command centre we have built in a number of video surveillance and access control solutions with a video wall where one can monitor the operation of 300 video surveillance cameras, which are located at the internal and external areas of the airport.
The constructed safety control system is so smart, that it is able to fix potential problems itself, such as unattended baggage, sounding a buzzer to give advance notice of such an occurrence. The new airport control centre management records each visitor to the airport, passenger and employee movement. If the cameras record anything unusual or potentially dangerous, OCC sounds a signal. This system, unlike standard systems, performs multiple functions — it knows how to identify unattended baggage without human intervention, to identify trends and to distinguish people from other objects, such as animals, trees, leaves. Also, this system is unlike conventional video surveillance, as by using certain criteria, it knows how to record and analyse the past modes, not only to immediately respond to potentially dangerous situations, but to analyse the video and look at specific things, places, objects. For the needs of the airport, the operational control centre brings all of the Riga airport security services together for the first time — fire, customs, police, security police and border guards. In the past, the airport control centre was only a 15 m2 large area without the necessary conditioning equipment, and only people monitored camera images. Now this tracking function is performed by a computer, and people only have to pay attention to the signals sent by the system.

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