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  • Client:

    SIA Statoil Fuel&Retail Latvia
  • Period:

    2009. year
  • Place:

    visā Latvijā
  • Task:

    video surveillance system modernisation and introduction of access control system
  • The implemented solutions:

    video surveillance and access control system


We undertook video surveillance system conversion and access control system modernisation works in all 62 fuelling stations in Latvia. We also carry out the maintenance of the system throughout the territory of Latvia. This project also developed a solution for video surveillance system development and the improvement of access control system modernisation works in all Statoil branches in Latvia.

In total, more than 850 employees work for Statoil fuelling stations in Latvia, so it only makes sense that security is one of the company’s priorities and it must be at a very high level. We developed the most efficient solution for video surveillance systems, combining our experience of such works with the latest technology from our cooperation partner, Bosch. Security improvements in complex systems, put in place in the network of fuel stations of SIA Latvija Statoil, has enabled a reduction of burglar-related damage to the company by 50% in 2010 –SIA Statoil Fuel & Retail Latvia informed the business portal In recent years, the company has invested a total of 285,00 EUR in security system upgrades and improvements have allowed for detaining a number of people who have long been stealing fuel in other fuel retail networks as well, and also providing protection assistance for security instances with SIA Statoil Fuel & Retail Latvia in unrelated crimes. The security complex was introduced in 2009, and implemented a wide variety of safety improvements in both the fuelling station store and surrounding area. New cameras and video recording systems installed in all 62 fuelling stations in Latvia provide greater efficiency in the fight against thieves.


Edgars Medisons

Vide, Veselība, Drošība nodaļas vadītājs
‘’All the contracted works have been completed professionally and in compliance with the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.’’