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  • Client:

    SIA Re&Re
  • Period:

    2010. year
  • Place:

    Rīga, Latvija
  • Task:

    low-voltage network, security system and building management system design and construction
  • The implemented solutions:

    low-voltage networks, security systems, building management system


Galleria Riga is one of the most prestigious and modern shopping centres in Latvia, located in the heart of Riga, on Dzirnavu iela. We were entrusted with full building automation, as well as security system and data network development and construction. Building automation controls for almost all engineer systems in the building – starting with the automatic roof windows and ending with the waste water reservoir levels in the basement. We undertake low-voltage network, security system and building management system development and construction, earning praise from the customer for the operational work of a complex project. This is the biggest and most important project in our shopping centre segment, which we were able to successfully realise, putting our employee’s resources and abilities to work at a special level – several times during the day it was necessary to mobilise tens of our employees, which is not easy to do for smaller companies. In turn for us, when re-planning our resources, it turned out successful to ensure those types of working conditions, necessary for smooth and successful project completion.

The shopping centre’s intelligent technologies are integrated into the management system, ensuring unified, efficient management and monitoring of all climate systems – ventilation, air conditioning system, heating and lighting, so that, in any type of weather conditions, the desired humidity and temperature of the shopping centre would remain constant. Great attention is also paid to high-quality security equipment – video surveillance, security alarms and access control systems.

In Latvia, this is the first object fitted with Honeywell systems, supporting various equipment compatibility – the client is given an opportunity to improve their technology with equipment from different manufacturers, and regardless of the number of suppliers.The selected renowned manufacturer, Honeywell, building automation recording, management and monitoring solutions, helps reduce energy consumption, aligning systems with each other and optimally adjusting the air conditioner operation of the shopping centre as per working specifications – for each hour of the day the appropriate mode of operation can be set. For example, at night, the system operates in passive mode; in turn, when there is an influx of client activity, the system is activated. Also, external weather conditions are taken into account – room temperature is automatically adjusted according to the external temperature.

Lately, security questions have been very topical for commercial businesses, which is why so much attention is paid to quality and safety equipment – video surveillance, security alarms and access control systems, that allows you to unobtrusively monitor the arrangements for the shopping centre and, if the camera records unusual activity, to take prompt action.

During the construction process of the shopping centre, we realised, as we wished to move with the times – our priorities are client safety and comfort, innovations, as well as economy, therefore we chose reliable suppliers and simultaneously guarded against extra costs during the operational time of the object. Citrus Solutions joined in the construction of the facility during the last stage and, in only four months managed to show their ability to really demonstrate operational performance. We expect that the selected equipment will continue to improve the functionality of the building and to optimise energy consumption, which is now essential to any company,” explains the shopping centre representative, SIA Patollo director, Sandis Vētra.