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  • Client:

    SIA Re&Re

  • Period:

    2012 - 2014

  • Place:

    Rīga, Latvija

  • Task:

    low-voltage network and external telecommunications network construction

  • The implemented solutions:

    low-voltage networks, external telecommunications networks


The newly constructed SRS headquarters building is a functionally complex project with a variety of special safety requirements necessary for the SRS to be able to better and more safely carry out their functions. To be able to register and save energy by reducing utility bills, the SRS new complex is built according to the criteria of sustainable construction and energy efficiency standards, including a variety of innovative energy-efficient solutions. Our responsibility was a multi-level optical and copper data network, as well as the latest generation of security system design and construction for the building.

This was one of the most difficult and also the most interesting of integrated security system installations of those carried out in the Baltic states, as the building’s total area is significant – more than 50,000 m2, and this building is of national significance with specific requirements for security, business continuity and ease of operation of the building. We are pleased to have participated in the making of such an important building and, with our work, helped to create a safe and comfortable working environment for employees as well as visitors. This project is definitely one of the biggest and most challenging we have ever had.


Aldis Gulbis

SIA RE&RE tehniskais direktors
‘’During the performance of the works, SIA Citrus Solutions proved to be highly professional, was responsive to the contracting entity’s requirements and demonstrated responsibility for the contracted work. The works have been performed to a high-quality standard, in compliance with the effective Construction Regulations.’’