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  • Client:

    VAS Riga International Airport
  • Period:

    2010.-2011 year
  • Place:

    Rīga, Latvija
  • Task:

    video surveillance system, access control system and electronic entry system installation, modernisation, ensuring mutual interoperability
  • The implemented solutions:

    video surveillance and access control system


The project started our cooperation with VAS Riga International Airport. By 2010, the airport was using analogue video surveillance and access control systems, which had a scattered number of equipment manufacturers, there were inconsistencies and a lack of uniformity, it did not provide the maximum level of safety, and was not easily manageable. We have introduced a Bosch video surveillance environment, which integrated the elements of the previous system. It replaced around 200 cameras, implemented a uniform access control system throughout the airport and integrated it with a number of airport software programmes, such as the human resource management system.
When hiring new employees and granting them an ID card, the system automatically sends the information to a place accessible by all employees, identifying them as a person who is allowed in the particular area, thus ensuring the employee can complete his duties with the necessary access. Riga International Airport is a major international aviation company in the Baltic States and the region’s main air traffic centre, which provides regular passenger, cargo and mail transport by civil aircraft to European and other world cities, which makes it all the more important that the introduction of these systems, the modernisation and integration increased level of security to the level of airport staff, and the passengers, whose numbers reached five million. We also trained the airport staff to work with the installed systems. The cooperation continues to this day through regular system upgrades, as well as maintenance work.