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  • Client:

    SIA Lattelecom; end customer – NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency NAMSA
  • Period:

    2006.-2008 year
  • Place:

  • Task:

    Creation of a Latvian maritime surveillance system
  • The implemented solutions:

    access roads and tower construction, communication drain construction, container installation, supply of generator and installation, power connection construction, security system installation


We participated in the project ordered by the Ministry of Defence for the Marine Surveillance System (JNS), including ensuring the construction of technical observation point construction along the Latvian coast. The new JNSis able to connect two key functions – civil functions, such as the tasks of the coast guard , search and rescue operations at sea, the mitigation of accidents at sea and pollution from oil leaks, environmental monitoring, etc., and military functions – the protection of territorial waters, as well as other military tasks. In order to provide coverage along the 500-kilometre-long Latvian coastline, the project included scrapping one technical observation point and building 12 new stationary technical observation points with perception sensors and video cameras with day and night vision, as well as purchased two mobile stations.