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  • Client:

    SIA “PN Management”
  • Period:

    2018.-2020 year
  • Place:

    Rīga, Preses nams
  • Task:

    Design of building structures, all engineering systems and networks for all buildings


Reconstruction of the building complex Preses Nams is one of the currently most extensive projects in Riga and nationwide. Total are of the buildings is planned of approximately 100,000 m2, including hotel in the area of ~20,000 m2, office building in the area of ~25,000 m2 and multi-functional centre in the area of ~55,000 m2 – catering and trade zone, parking and roof for sports activities. Citrus Solutions is responsible for the building construction and designing of all engineering systems and networks for all three buildings.

Citrus Solutions designs only one of the buildings using its own resources – hotel building, while designing of the remaining buildings is undertaken by 10 subcontracting companies. Three architect offices – ARHIS architects from Latvia, KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten from Germany, as well as Arrow architects from Denmark – work on the architecture of the buildings.

The Design shall include the following systems:

·       Internal water and sewerage networks

·       Internal power networks

·       Lightning protection

·       Low-current systems (cable television, internet and phone communications)

·       Video surveillance (CCTV)

·       Security system

·       Access control and evacuation system

·       Building management system (BMS)

·       Fire detection and alarm system

·       Central notification system

·       Internal fire extinguishing system and fire extinguishing valve automatics

·       Automatic sprinkler system

·       Automatic smoke exhaust system

·       Ventilation and smoke exhaust system

·       Air condition system

·       Heating

·       Heating unit

·       Car registration system in the parking lot

·       Kitchen technology

·       External water and sewerage networks

·       External power networks

·       External tele communication networks

·       External heat supply networks

·       External fire extinguishing hydrant system

·       External rainwater discharge system

About the project: Building complex Preses nams is intended to be rebuilt as a hotel, conference centre and multi-functional centre with trade, catering and leisure areas, good quality public external area, with green zones and leisure areas for pedestrians and cyclists as priorities. Opening of the first hotel of the international chain “Holiday Inn” in Latvia is planned in September 2022.

Phase one of the territory development provides also for reconstruction of the building of printing house by arranging a spacious catering area on the first floor, but providing for parking lot on the 2nd–4th floor and multi-functional sports complex on the roof floor, where the key role will be played by football fields complying with the standards of the Latvian Football Federation and used by football academy. Building of office building is planned on the side of Krišjāņa Valdemāra Street. Planned height of the building is 14 floors.

Further phases of the territory development provide for construction of 24–26-floor buildings on the side of Balasta dambis.