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  • Client:

    Circle K Latvia, SIA

  • Period:

    12/2022 - 04/2023

  • Place:

    Entire territory of Latvia


In mid-April 2023, Circle K petrol stations introduced the option to pay for fuel with your car number plate using the EASY FUEL app.

Citrus Solutions was Circle K’s partner in rolling out this innovative new service across all 82 stations in the Circle K network.

Within the framework of the project, within 5 months we equipped all Circle K stations in Latvia – from Liepaja to Daugavpils – with the necessary equipment for the EASY FUEL app and CCTV systems to ensure the number plate reading function. We installed new video cameras and upgraded existing infrastructure.

  • All 82 Circle K petrol stations in Latvia were equipped with the appropriate equipment and 3xLOGIC CCTV cameras;
  • Upgrading of existing equipment was undertaken where necessary;
  • Excavation work where necessary to lay new cable routes to where the cameras were installed;
  • Configuring equipment with Circle K as the user.