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  • Client:

    SIA Mežaparka birojs
  • Period:

    2018.-2019 year
  • Place:

    Rīga, Latvija
  • Task:

    Civil engineering, building engineering systems


Citrus Solutions, as a general contractor, constructs an office building. This is the first site, where Citrus Solutions performs not only construction of engineering systems, but also works of a civil structure.

The building is a part of the most ambitious residential property development project in Baltics „Mežaparka rezidences”, which envisages a high-quality residence, leisure and work concept. The office building will be a 3 storey building with a total area for rent of 3266 m². The premise layout provides in the building two type areas for rent – on the 1st floor there is a possibility to create several commercial premises with individual entrances, while on the 2nd and the 3rd floor – modern office premises.

Guest parking lots will be located around the building, but office workers will be able to park their vehicles and bicycles in underground or adjacent terrestrial parking lot. The office building is constructed, based on the basic principles of sustainable construction. It has also acquired Energy Efficiency Certificate of Class A.

Part of premises is provided for shops and offices. For the convenience of “Mežaparka Rezidences” residents and guests there is developed a concept for creation of fitness and SPA centre, as well as restaurant. Indoors a great attention is paid to environment design, there will be installed a fountain, wide terraces and galleries. The surrounding territory is also created as facilitated greened park.

On the 1st floor of the complex there is possible to construct an open terrace. The second floor is created as a flexible premise for efficient office planning and provision of daylight. On the third floor there will be available conference premises and premises for rent.  On the underground floor there are parking lots and bicycle storage.

Already now the project team has shown themselves in very high level, which is also noticed by the customer. We are in front of challenge to maintain the realization of the project in an excellent level. The target of Citrus Solutions is to construct professionally, in a good quality and to create more beautiful Mežaparks and Riga environment. Need to point out, that colleagues participated in the designing stage of this project and thanks to the excellent designing team work the customer entrusted us to construct this building from basement until its putting into service.