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  • Client:

    State Revenue Service of the Republic of Latvia

  • Period:

    12/2020 - 05/2022

  • Place:

    13 SRS objects throughout Latvia

  • Task:

    Delivery, upgrading and maintenance of the Vehicle and Container Automatic Identification System (VCAIS)


Development, supply, construction, implementation and maintenance of the Vehicle and Container Automatic identification System (VCAIS) in 13 SRS objects throughout Latvia.

The essence of the VCAIS is – a special section of lane, which is equipped with survey cameras, number plate detection cameras, LED searchlights, sensors and axle scales, built into the road surface. Driving through this section, cameras and scales record information about the trucks and cars, and transfer it to the VCAIS central sub-assembly for SRS needs.

Within the project, not only the design and construction of several systems was carried out in 13 facilities at various Latvian customs control points and border crossing points, but also the development and integration of a very specific software with a number of existing solutions was ensured.

TLKAIS is installed: in Riga, Talejas Street 1 (central sub-assembly); in custom control points: Terehovas CCP, Ventspils Port CCP, Liepāja Port CCP, Riga Freeport CCP (Kundziņsala), Riga Freeport CCP (Birztalu Street), Grebņevas CCP, Pāternieku CCP, Vientuļu CCP, Silene CCP; border crossing points: Pededze BCP, Meikšānu BCP, Kaplavas BCP.

  • The project realization term (designing, construction): 12.2020 – 05.2022
  • Maintenance period: 2022 – 2027